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Light Therapy

If you’ve never had a Quantum Light Therapy session, now is the time. Experience the amazing restorative, rejuvenating, and rebalancing effects that this technology has to offer. This revolutionary USA made machine combines the proven allopathic modality of light therapy together with a highly effective holistic frequency therapy to achieve accelerated healing for a myriad of imbalances, illnesses and dis-eases. 
“85-90% of all dis-ease is caused by stress.” -National Institute of Health, 2009 

Why Light Works?
"In these ground-breaking therapies, light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, most often are used to apply concentrated doses of light to patients. "It represents a quantum leap in medicine," says Harry T. Whelan, M.D., who is a professor of neurology and a leading researcher in the field.
-USA Today, 02/02/2007

We are all light deficient and this deficiency may be the source of our physical and emotional problems.”
-Dr. John Ott, Light Therapy Pioneer

Why Light?
Before the time of rubber soled shoes and concrete dwellings, we were more connected to our natural environment, specifically light. Because light surrounds us everyday, it’s easy to take for granted. Yet what we perceive as light is actually a form of energy that behaves both as a wave and as a stream of particles called photons. Photons are tiny packets of energy our bodies can utilize for healing. Scientific research has shown that certain wavelengths of light encourage a number of beneficial effects.

Evidence indicates that cells absorb photons and transform their energy into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is a form of energy that cells utilize. The resulting ATP is then used to power metabolic processes and to synthesize DNA & RNA (proteins & enzymes.) ATP may also repair or regenerate cell components, foster an abundance of cell reproduction and increase circulation thus restoring balance to the body.

What is Light Therapy?
Light therapy has been shown in over 50 years of independent research worldwide to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms. Light therapy causes biologic effects because specific proteins in the body absorb different wavelengths. Both visible red, blue and “invisible” infrared light effect at least 24 positive changes at the cellular level. Red light, which is visible, at a wavelength of 640 nanometers, penetrates tissue to a depth of about 8-10 mm. It is very beneficial in treating issues close to the surface such as wounds, cuts, scars, trigger and acupuncture points and is particularly effective in treating infections. Infrared light (880 nm) penetrates to a depth of about 30-50 mm, which makes it more effective for bones, joints, deep muscle, etc.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a form of light therapy that is a relatively recent outgrowth from the laser industry yet proven more effective by covering a greater surface area in a shorter amount of time. Light therapy is currently being used in clinical and home settings around the globe. It has been in use by the medical profession for more than 20 years, to reduce pain and increase circulation. Its growing acceptance has become more abundant in the medical field.

The lymph system and the immune system are waging a constant war against pathogens and toxins. Poor diet, electromagnetic frequencies, and stress have weakened our defensive mechanisms to the point where they are no longer able to perform their duties satisfactorily. As the body weakens, the first symptoms we feel tend to be a lack of motivation and energy. The body gradually slips out of balance, and if not realigned, will begin to develop more serious dis-eases and illnesses and will continue to degenerate. 

How Does Quantum Light Therapy Work
Using pulsed blue, red and infrared light emitted through state of the art high powered diodes allows the physical body to absorb light frequencies that have specific regulating functions.  Blue light has been proven effective for skin issues, anti-aging, rejuvenation and mood rebalancing.  Red light has been proven effective for chronic pain, muscle trauma, soft tissue, gums and wounds.  Infrared light has not only been proven effective for pain and inflammation in bones, tendons, joints and teeth, but is what allows the body to produce Nitric Oxide, (N.O. causes vasodilation Nobel Prize 1998), which promotes the dilation of blood vessels , arteries, veins and lymphatics. The LEDs boost energy to the cells and accelerate healing. The dramatic increase in circulation in turn reduces or reverses many issues; from blood pressure and cholesterol to cardiovascular disease and neuropathy. In conjunction with the light, specific proven frequencies effectively restore every cell back to its natural resonant frequency. This rebalancing process enhances cellular communication training the cells to recapture their correct functions. This means that the body is put back into its normal state of balance and function allowing it to effectively heal itself naturally.

Who Uses Quantum Light Therapy
Used extensively by NASA, Navy Seals, The Mayo Clinic, The American Diabetes Association, top hospitals and hundreds of research institutions around the world for over 40 years, light therapy represents a quantum leap in healing. It has been in use by the medical profession for more than 20 years, to reduce pain and increase circulation. Light has been called the medicine of the future by several notable medical doctors and it is currently being used in clinical and home settings around the globe. Studies show that the hoto energy from light therapy has been shown to dilate the blood under the vessels, which often causes an increase in circulation.

Clients may experience:
  • Decrease in local swelling
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Decreased muscle spasms and tightness
  • Decreased tension
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Increased venous dilation and flow
  • Diabetic patients and clients with peripheral neuropathy typically may experience an increase in sensation to pressure and hot/cold.

“Light energy is profoundly capable of influencing the healing process and how the visual apparatus is not the only sensory organ that responds to light.”
Dr. Deepak Chopra, Author


This client suffered a stroke and was wheelchair bound. When her doctor took off her socks, he was shocked to see her feet were deep cyanotic purple! After just one treatment, those same feet are depicted in the next frame. 
* Note the indentations from the LED light diodes in the second photo.


This client fell from a ladder causing severe trauma to his nose. Progressive treatments were made using two light pads, with two 30 minute treatments per day for 4 days.


 The last photo is 8 days after treatments stopped.


A client's finger was black with dying skin tissue.
The second picture is just 4 days after using the light for half an hour every day.

Wound Healing

A young mans ankle heals in one week
The hole was three quarters of an inch in diameter and to the bone. 
The second picture was after using light therapy equipment for three days, 
three times a day for 5-10 minutes each. 
The third picture was taken one week later.

How does light therapy increase circulation?
The infrared photo energy releases nitric oxide from the hemoglobin and possibly surrounding tissue. Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that is known to relax smooth muscle cells found in the arteries, veins, capillaries and lymph vessels. When these muscles relax, they dilate the blood vessel, thus allowing increased circulation.

How does light therapy reduce pain?
Nitric oxide has been shown to be essential for wound healing even if chronic or traumatic. Scientific literature shows that nitric oxide promotes collagen synthesis, collagen fibril alignment, and angiogenesis. Nitric oxide is also a neurotransmitter. Nitric oxide, in layman’s’ terms, acts as a safe, natural pain reliever in the cells.
Can anyone use light therapy?
An individual can use the Quantum Series Light Therapy equipment safely without medical supervision at home or by a health professional in a clinical setting. The sessions are affordable, completely safe and non-invasive.

Aside from the following contraindications, most people can use light therapy safely with the potential for many health benefits. Light therapy is contraindicated for the womb of a pregnant woman, localized cancer sites, epilepsy or history of seizures, and those on light sensitive medications.

Who has studied LED light therapy?
There are volumes of scientific studies available on light therapy. The following is just a sample list of institutions that have conducted clinical studies on the effectiveness of LED Light Therapy over the last several decades:

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Mayo Clinic, Jeffrey Basford, MD
  • Stanford University, Kendric C. Smith
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Wellman Labs
  • NASA, Dr. Harry T. Whelan
  • Marshall Space Flight Center
  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
  • University of Colorado, Dr. Thomas Burke, PhD

Who uses LED light therapy?
On every continent, except for Antarctica, light therapy is being used on humans as well as animals.

Navy Seals use Light Therapy  

The Navy Seals found that LED Light therapy pads assisted them in getting back in the field 44% quicker.

Just a sampling of who is using it:

- Acupuncturists - Aroma therapists - Athletes 
- Biofeedback Practitioners - Chiropractors - Colon Therapists 
- Counselors - Dentists - Electrolysists 
- EFT Specialists - Estheticians - Football Players
- Soccer Players - Golfers NASA
- Hockey Players - Hypnotherapists - Healing Centers
- Lymphatic Therapists - Massage Therapists - Medical Doctors 
Nurses   - Naturopaths - Navy Seals 
- Osteopaths - Permanent Make-up Artists  Nail Technicians
- Pet Owners - Physical Therapists - Psychiatrists
- Psychologist                             - Reflexologists - Reiki Practitioners
- Spas - Sports Medicine Therapists - Tattoo Artists 
- Tennis Players - Trainers - Veterinarians 

Benefits of Light Therapy
Acne, warts, arthritis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's,  skin conditions, psoriasis, all forms of pain, carpal tunnel,tennis elbow, chronic wounds, diabetic wounds, gangrene, cuts, eczema, fractures, headaches, herpes, tendonitis, bells palsy, leg pain, shoulder pain, muscle trauma, TMJ, numbness, orthopedic, joint fractures, fibromyalgia, speed healing, reduce scarring, increase collagen in skin, reduces wrinkles, sprains, broken bones, edema, erectile dysfunction, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, heart issues, inflammation, neuropathy, and so much more…

Articles & Studies:
NASA gets Powerful Results with Light Therapy Use
Describes how “LEDs are being used to heal hard to heal wounds such as diabetic skin ulcers, serious burns, oral sores, and musculoskeletal training injuries,” Marshall Space Flight Centre press release 00-336 (12-18-00) 

Nitric Oxide & It's Role in Health & Diabetes, Dr. Thomas Burke

Light Helps All Biology (Many Research Articles)

NASA Research & Others (Many Conditions)

More NASA Research…

Nobel Price Winners & Nitric Oxide

Stressed Cells Survive Better With Light

Improved Sensitivity in Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy

Symptomatic Reversal of Peripheral Neuropathy in Patients with Diabetes

Reversal of diabetic peripheral neuropathy with phototherapy (MIRE) decreases falls and the fear of falling and improves activities of daily living in seniors

Improved foot sensitivity and pain reduction in patients with peripheral neuropathy after treatment with monochromatic infrared photo energy–MIRE

Restoration of Sensation, Reduced Pain, and Improved Balance in Subjects With Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Effectiveness of Monochromatic Infrared Photo Energy and Physical Therapy for Peripheral 


Parkinson's Disease, Herpes, Warts, Acne, Venous Leg Ulcers


"I have had eczema / psoriasis since I was a child on my legs so severe it looked like I was burned. I was so embarrassed by my legs, I would never wear shorts and forget about a bathing suit.  My eczema ran my life. The pain, flareups, and embarrassment were so depressing. I had literally tried every prescription  on the market with little to no relief. I met Rick at an expo where he was demonstrating the light therapy machine and decided to try it. I was very skeptical since nothing else worked, why would this. He was encouraging and optimistic. He  expressed that if I was willing to be patient, have an open mind, and commit to a few sessions, I would feel relief. After the first session, I had less pain, after the 2nd there was some improvement. I was encouraged, but not willing to say it was the light therapy machine yet. After the 3rd session, the difference was incredibly noticeable. I did 2 more sessions and the eczema was gone. I couldn't believe that something this simple and painless could give me my life back. I was convinced it was the light therapy machine and decided to buy it for myself. I now continue at home treatments and have shared the machine with other family members. What an incredible change it has made in my life. Thank you, thank you Rick for introducing this incredible technology to me and for giving me my life back. Can't wait for this summer. Bikini here I come!!!"  
-Sanderson - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I had terrible pain in my right shoulder, elbow, and wrist as well and severe sciatica pain down my left leg and ankle from a car accident. I tried every treatment other than an operation, including cortisone shots in my neck between C4 and C5 where I experienced a slipped disc, and in my lower spine where I had a bulging disc. I had trouble sleeping because of the pain, I woke up with my hands and feet burning and felt the pins and needles. I had no strength in my arm and hands, my left had to assist my right. I would drop objects at times because I had no sensation and couldn't work on the computer because of the carpel tunnel pain. All the doctors offered me was 2 disc replacements and injections. I was just too scared to go down that route and decided to try alternative treatments. I even tried acupuncture and that didn't work and I hated it. I heard about light therapy through a friend that referred me to Rick and decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did, relief is in sight my friends. I felt relief just after one treatment. I did a protocol of 5 sessions and only need follow ups when needed. I feel fantastic!!! Thank you for introducing this modality. I now sleep like a baby and can even work on the computer. I am even able to work out again. What a joy it is to get back into life. Thank you."
-K. James - Jupiter, FL 

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